June AKA the best month ever

Jul 16, 2019
June.  My most favorite month in Utah.  Summer has just started.  Temperatures are perfect.  Summerfest. And it's my birthday month. Doesn't get much better.  

love me some lazy summer mornings.  

We had so many pool days.

highlights were Miles learning to flip off the diving board.  

And Crew being able to go down the slide alone!!



We've got it down to a science now, that it's not even stressful.

Crew earned a late night with one of his best friends from our old school.  

Movie night with the girls I work with at church.  

Our days are filled with neighbor kids and friends.


Hours of perler beads.  

Constant bike riding and roller skating.  

And knowing where the gang is by which house has a pile of bikes out front.

Even Fang gets in on the neighborhood bike action.  

And Fang is finally growing and his xsmall dog collar got too small, so he could finally fit into the bowtie one I bought before we brought him home. 

Ruby thought he was so cute in it she decided they should get married. 

Here's a pic of Crew's rash healing and my, most likely broken, finger.

3 Big Highlights in June for me:

1. My built ins got finished!! And I love them.  

2.  I threw myself a Favorite Things Birthday Party.

it was so fun.  Plus, holly and I did a soda bar, which might of been my most favorite part.  

Ruby being thrilled about coming down to spy and make herself a drink.

I have always been lucky in life to have an awesome group of friends, love these ladies so much.  

I was also especially happy I threw myself a party, because my actual birthday kind of sucked this year. :)  

Although, after some yelling and crying on my part and the kid's, we did manage a nice hike up the canyon.  

And I killed it in hide and seek.  

3.  Girls Camp

I got to go to Girls Camp with Macey this year. 

It was probably one of my favorite girls camps I have ever attended.  

Such an awesome group of girls and leaders.  And we were in a unique situation where about 2/3's of us had only been in the ward a year or less, so it was so nice to bond and laugh and get to know each other more.

Where we were suppose to go was still covered in snow (Mia Shalom), so we ended in Hobble Creek Canyon at an amazing property.  

There was a slip and slide on the side of the mountain.

An amazing indoor pool.

Where, after lots of encouragement, I jumped and then kept on jumping.  

Lots of friends to see around camp.

And macey wanted to go on the hard hike, so up the side of the mountain we went.  

It was hard, but very fun.  Super impressed with the girls from our ward that picked this hike over the easier ones.  

It was an amazing week spent with amazing people laughing, playing, and feeling the spirit.  I cannot wait for next year.  

Phew.  And that was just the first month of summer.  

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Crew is 7!

Jul 15, 2019
Crew turned 7!?!

This kid loves Pokemon, riding his bike, playing Mario Party, reading, Fang, and Battle Bots.

I did his birthday party at Classic Skating the day after school got out, which was over 2 weeks early.  It was amazing.  Friends were still in town, the place wasn't busy, and the chaos of summer hadn't set upon us yet. 

I have turned down every kid that has asked for a party at Classic Skating, but Crew broke me down and convinced me to get the biggest party package.  
Turned out to be awesome.

Lots of video games.

Pizza and icecream.

Ticket Blaster.

Skating and Lazer tag.

Bounce Houses.

And donuts and presents.

Plus, we got to have Holly as our party helper.

And Michelle kept things under control at the skating rink.

He was very kind to me on his actual birthday and easy to please.  

Gummy Pizza and diet coke with mentos made for a happy 7 year old. 

My last cuddle and selfie with my 6 year old crew.  

My first selfie with 7 year old Crew.  

I love this boy.  I cannot believe he is growing up so fast.  Good thing I am still his favorite person, I have to relish the position while I can.  

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Last Day of School!

Jul 11, 2019
Our first year at a new school is done and can be counted as a success.  The kids made so many great new friends. They got awesome teachers.  And we learned how to navigate a new school, with new traditions.  An added bonus, I even made some new friends.  Not like my Suncrest friends, but there's potential. :)

First and last day of 6th grade

Macey joined Student Council and had a blast with it, this alone made the move to the new school worth it.  Mr. Hodson found ways to challenge her and his love for The Jazz only helped Macey to love The Rockets more.  To say she's excited for Jr. High would be an understatement.  Moving to a new school for her last year of elementary school was hard.  Probably the hardest thing she's had to face yet.  But, she killed it and is now only excited to start Jr. High next year.  

I actually missed 6th grade graduation because it was the same day as Crew's surgery.  Luckily, Paul could go and get some pictures for me.  Plus, they got these awesome diplomas.

First and last day of 3rd grade

This year was a struggle.  A huge struggle.  Miles pushed through, his teacher pushed through, and I learned to become more assertive in a new environment.  

We got Miles an IEP for speech and OT.  With his IEP we were able to get him a lot of the accommodations he needed to be more successful in a school setting.  His teacher and I didn't always see eye to eye, but she loved him and wanted him to succeed, so together we were able to find the way to do that.  

Miles won the award for greatest improvement, which was awesome, because I doubt there was a 3rd grader that worked harder than him.  It meant a lot to him, and me, that he was recognized for all the hard work he put in.  And I pray her remembers what the results can be when he actually tries.  

First and last day of 1st Grade

And it was not planned for the boys to wear the same shirt, they are just their favorite shirts. :)  

Crew killed first grade.  He made so many great new friends.  His teacher said he was pretty quiet the first half of the year, but he slowly came out of his shell and was making everyone laugh by the end. He won the award for "Always follows school rules".  Sounds about right. :)  

I got to volunteer in his class each week and I taught an art lesson once a month, so it was fun to get to know all the kids in his class a lot better. 

It was hard for me to move schools too, because I knew all the kids at Suncrest so well and would have so many cute kids hugging me every time I walked into school.  Even though the kids at our new school don't need me quite the same as they did at Suncrest, I have hopes I will get to know all of them too.  

And the last year these 3 will be together.  It's been nice.  

First Day of School

Last Day of School

First and Last Day of Preschool

Ruby cried everyday I dropped her off September-December.  It was torture, but right when i was about to give up, she decided she loved school and ran in happily after that.  

Her preschool was awesome.  They played outside everyday for 45 min.  They had fish, she ate breakfast there, so much creative play, and 3 amazing teachers.  Sad to be done with preschool.  

We had our annual back to school celebration.

Silly String.  

Park, Pizza, and Popsicles with friends. 

And we had a neighborhood BBQ.

All the 12 year old girls that live in our neighborhood.  

I also made each kid a binder this year to help us stay more organized and keep my house cleaner.  We started the day school got out, work hard play hard.  Praying it works. 

Here's hoping next school year is easier than this school year. :)  

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Awesome job everyone at navigating your 1st year at your new school. It's a hard thing to do and you all rocked it. Thank goodness Miles has you to advocate for him! Everyone grew up so much and I got such a kick out of the boys wearing the same shirt first and last day or school, very funny. Next year will be even better and Ruby will get to join the fun.

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Ruby is 5!

Jul 5, 2019
Ruby turned 5.

This girl is crazy.  She is strong willed, feisty, silly, cuddly, and wants to be in on the action ALL the time. 

90% of the time she requests that someone lay with her for just a few minutes when she goes to bed.  The night before her birthday, I volunteered.  Got my last cuddles and selfie with my 4 year old Ruby.  

We got her a playhouse for her birthday, it was much more time consuming to put together than we anticipated.  Hopefully our (paul's) hard work will be worth it.  

On her birthday she demanded lots of birthday cuddles from Fang.  He is one patient puppy because she is about as rough as they come where animals are concerned.  

She was super excited to go to preschool on her birthday.  

And can i just say how much more I love my kids when they request a 9x13 cake instead of something crazy.  

We had her birthday party the next day, where she did request cupcakes like Pinkalicious.  Luckily, I convinced her to use pink gumballs instead of cherries.  

So simple, even Ruby did most of the work.  

Ruby planned an exciting menu of pickles, watermelon balls, pink goldfish, popcorn, cupcakes, and pink lemonade for her friends.  

Ruby has the best friends, who also happen to have the best moms.  

I just love all these cute kids so much, luckiest girl around.  

Ruby is one of my most challenging kids.  All my normal mom tricks don't work on her. Plus,  I am just more tired with her than the other 3, so she ends up getting away with more, which only makes things worse.  

Here's hoping 5 is our year to get things under control.  but, whether that happens or not, I am going to enjoy this wild tornado of a child and all the loves and cuddles that she brings with her.  

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May: AKA Maycember

Jul 2, 2019
This was a crazy May, I was so glad we weren't moving like last year, I might not of made it through.  

Soccer ended.

Macey had her Scera Showcase.

It was so fun to have friends in other classes to watch too. 

Lots of volunteer hours at the kids school.  

Mom hikes.

Family Hikes.

There has been so much rain this spring and it's been fun getting to enjoy these green mountains for a little bit.  

Fang Craziness.

He had his first trip to the canyon for a bbq.

First experience with farm life at Wheeler Farms.

And he had his first surgery.

Plus, a million photo shoots where he showed off his adorableness.  

Any day that was not rainy, we were out enjoying the sunshine.  

And you really can never beat warm evenings in the neighborhood.  

We hit the neighborhood jackpot once again.  I hope these kids realize how lucky they are.  

Sunshine also meant we could do some yard work.  I have never seen a kid so excited to clean out window wells. 

I had an exciting day at the dentist with 3 kids in 3 different rooms getting 3 different cavities filled.  Ruby was a dream though and was stroking her hygienists face and telling her how pretty she was, so i spent my time running between the boys rooms and keeping them from punching the dentist. 

Miles earned his long anticipated late night with 3 of his best friends.  

Rainy days though are a great excuse to head up to the aquarium.  

Macey and I got to take a tour of the MTC with some of the girls in our ward, it was way cooler than I thought it be.  

In house news I got my built ins started and my front door finally installed.  

Then I had to patiently wait for them to get stained and painted.  

The biggest event of the month though was Crew having surgery to get the rods out of his during the last week of school.

I cannot even believe how easy this surgery was compared to the first. 

I was worried I'd have to go back to the recovery area after surgery like I did last time, but nope.  They wheeled him back into the room wide awake and telling jokes to his nurse. 

They even arranged all his special toys around him. And he happily drank an unlimited supply of slushies instead of yelling at the nurses that they were trying to kill him like last time. :)  

Showing off his lava rock a friend gave him at school.  

And we learned a few days later he really is allergic to iodine.  But, the rash was much more manageable not being under a cast for over a month. 

phew.  Still to come in May Ruby's birthday and the last day of school.  


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