When we moved in our backyard was a weed jungle.  

By the time Macey was about 1 we decided we should probably do something about that.
Paul laid pavers for a little patio, put in some sod, and made us a little garden area.

We loved it.  We pretty much lived back there.  It was perfect for little parties, playing in the pool, and hanging out in the evenings.

But then our kids got bigger and wanted to be out front more with all the neighbor kids, I could not keep kids from tearing my garden apart, Paul got SUPER busy with his last job, I got prego (sick) and then put on bedrest…  As a result we found we could not keep our tiny piece of grass alive, so it turned into a dirt pit.  
We then decided no matience was our best option, since we couldn’t seem to keep up with our 10x10 piece of grass and I was getting claustrophobic without the extra living space I was used to.  

Trex Decking came to our rescue.  

We have now enjoyed most all of meals out there, done lots of art and played lots of basketball.  We are loving it.  I am just happy to have some of our living space back.  Plus, it’s extra nice not having all of the dirt coming into our house.  

Now we just have to teach Crew how to properly scoot off the deck and of course have our first deck party!