One of the biggest highlights of the summer was having the Stephens come visit in August.  

Seeing their cousins twice in the same summer has never happened before.


Sleeping arrangements were tight, but the kids did not mind one bit.  And these 2 pairs of best cousins were inseparable.  

Lauren is the only person EVER allowed to join Miles’ solitary breakfast on the deck.  


Brianne of course had to go back to BYU and show her girls around.

And yes, it was weird being back with 7 kids in tow.  Feels like it was just yesterday that Brianne was tutoring me in the Talmage building for a calculus test. 

And these 2 dreamed about being roommates at BYU together in the future.

We also went to Salt Lake and did a bunch of touristy stuff, until I was too tired, and then we left the Stephens to finish off the touristy stuff alone.  

Then there was swimming at the pool, inflatable waterslide and of course hanging out with the neighbor kids.

The girls took to the neighborhood lifestyle quite quickly. 

and even the neighbor kids were sad to see them go, but not as sad as us.  

the classic neighborhood send off.

It was nice to have the Stephens all to ourselves, hopefully we can convince them of another Utah vacation soon!!