BYU: 59
UCLA: 0!!!!!!!

So, pretty much we had a very exciting game today. It was our first BYU game to attend this season (we were in WA during the opener) and it couldn’t of gone any better. We had perfect sunny weather, good friends, no Macey, and BYU put on a great show. We figured we’d win today, but there was no way anyone could of predicted this score.
Paul decorated our helmets for the game.

Paul even loaded the BYU fight song onto our ipod to blast as we drove to the game. I was a bit embarrassed at times, since everyone was looking at us, but it was worth the stares since we came away with the win.

BYU football is one of the things that makes it a lot easier for me to still be living in Utah. It was worth the sunburns we received and we can’t wait to go to next week’s game! Go Cougars!!