It’s been a pretty typical summer around here and I love it (most of the time).

There’s been lots of playing outside with the neighbors.  There is never a shortage of water, bikes, sidewalk chalk, otter pops, and of course friends.  

We got rained out on our last Neighborhood Potluck, but the kids didn’t care too much.  Who doesn’t love a good summer downpour? 

We’ve of course been spending a large portion of our time playing in the water. We opted out of the Pass of all Passes this year, we’ve had them the last 3 years.  And surprisingly, I haven’t really missed Seven Peaks. Luckily we’ve been able to fill our water fix with other activities. 

The pond never gets old.  

And I even managed to convince them to try a splash pad or 2 this summer.  I think they’ve been spoiled and have decided splash pads are boring.  Luckily, they seemed to forget their disdain for splash pads the moment they start playing. :)  

Thursday Paul works late, so we decided Thursday night is pool night.  It’s been perfect because everyone else is going home for dinner and I can actually see all my kids without the crazy crowd.  

I always get a bit worn out though from water play about half way through summer, am I the only one?  

It’s exhausting getting everyone changed, packing the bags, then actually having to watch them, and then dried off and changed again.  Plus, Crew is crazy for water, which makes it hard to watch the other 2.  So, we luckily have also found lots of nice air conditioned places, where I can keep Crew contained in his stroller.  

The Dinosaur Museum is of course one of our favorites.

And Farm Country, when it is under 90 degrees.

Every Wednesday afternoon you can find us at the Movies with some of our favorite friends.  Michelle and I got smart and decided to get a babysitter for the 2 babies every week and it proves to be a pretty relaxing time, even though the movies are usually pretty bad. 

Macey and Miles also have my love of ticket games and don’t even need my help anymore earning tickets.  Here Miles is killing sharks with his 100 ticket ninja sword.  Always a good $10 spent.

Way back in the beginning of June we got to go to Orem’s Summerfest.  It’s the same every year, but we love it.  This time my cousin Brenden and his family joined us and got to see how awesome Orem really is.  :)  

The Fun Slide was a little crazy this year and Macey is still talking about how Paul didn’t hold onto to her.   

This year they also learned to NOT stand up on the roller coaster and it was much less stressful than last year’s experience.  

We’ve of course enjoyed our fair share of Hawaiian Shave Ice.  

It’s pretty much the best summer treat around.  

We’ve also been trying out some new hikes to add to our repertoire and exploring new parks.  Love it and love Utah in the summer.  

So, while things can get quite crazy with these 3 around 24/7, I really will miss our lazy mornings and fun filled afternoons.  And don’t even get me started on the fact that Macey will be in school all day in less than a month!

And yes, this kid has figured out how to use toys as a stepping stool.  Help me.

And in other sibling news, they are starting to love this kid!!