This weekend we had our 5th annual Fright Fest. Pretty much it was the best Fright Fest ever.

This year we made a few changes to our evening:

First change, no children. Ours were happily locked in the basement with their favorite babysitter.

Second change, the addition of games. We played candy corn toss and pumpkin bowling.

Pretty sure the neighbor kids were watching us the entire time, thinking we were a little crazy. But, this was probably my fav event of the evening.

I believe pumpkin bowling is more for the 10 and under crowd, as the pumpkins kept exploding due to the excessive force with which we bowled.

third change, we ended the evening with a scary movie.

As I am a huge fan of traditions, we of course kept in line with what we’ve done over the last 5 years: Guest list is limited to Lake Jacksonites (or those closely associated with) only, orangeade, pumpkin carving, and lots of spooky treats.

Here’s the montage of previous Fright Fest’s:

And of course 2010’s group pictures:

Lee, Jenni, Paul, Me, Annie, Trina, Nic, and Kaite

I really do love traditions and of course great friends to share them with.