I finally made it to my induction date!  For those that are interested here is a play by play of the day.  

For some reason I was pretty nervous, more than the other times I’d been induced.  I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was only dialted to a 3 verus my other 3 pregnancies where I showed up at 5cm, at least.

My fears started to diminish the moment I walked into my room, I saw on my board that I had my favorite nurse, Carrie.  With Miles and Crew’s pregnancies I was at the hospital ALL the time and Carrie was my nurse 75% of the time.  I was even happier when I found out that she only does a few deliveries a year and specifically requested me when she saw me on the list. 

6:30 check into our room
6:45 Carrie comes in and gets my IV started with pitocin
7:00 gets the anesthesiologist before the other nurses grab him for their patients
8:30 first anesthesiologist gives up after many, painful and uncomfortable, attempts at getting my epidural in saying this has never happened to him before, but I won’t be getting an epidural for this delivery, he says there’s no room to place it.  
8:35 Carrie gets a hold of another anesthesiologist, that was in surgery, and has him come try. (one of the many reasons why I love her).
8:40 2nd anesthesiologist tries and gets it, saying this could be the last epidural I’ll be able to get, as it was very hard.
8:50 express my undying love for both the new anesthesiologist and Carrie
9:00 Dr. Baxter comes in to break my water

11:30 Finally hit 6 1/2 cm and my nurse assures me I will beat all the other laboring moms that came in that morning. 
12:50 I’m to a 10!  And the excitment starts
1:05 Start pushing
1:15 everyone starts laughing at the giant squished up cheeks of baby girl
1:20 4 painful pushes later, she was here.

9lbs 7 oz
21 inches long

Everyone was shocked at how huge she was and her giant cheeks.  I won for the first and biggest baby of the day. My nurse and I were pretty happy, since we are both quite competitive.  :)

Due to her giantness, her glucose levels were very low and she was having some respiratory problems, so they took her back to the level 2 nursery.  Paul went with her and since I was getting bored in my room alone, I got up and walked down there about 3:00.  Best epidural ever.  

5:30 kids come visit with Holly and Trina and chaos insues.  

6:00 finally get unnamed baby girl back from the nursery.  Everyone is beyond excited to see her.   

Crew shocked us all with his instant love of baby and just wanted to hold her. 

 Sadly, the nurses didn’t want the kids holding her because she had trouble breathing when she would get disturbed.  So, they all just got a good look and hoped they’d get to hold her the next day.