we had to find some fun things to do inside. My new favorite blog (that I just discovered) has tons of ideas. I decided to start with the least messy activity, a mini mural.

I never would of thought the difference it would make to have the paper taped to the wall vs. on the table, but it was huge! I think Macey worked on it for a total of 30 minutes! She drew tons of M’s (a few of which actually looked like M’s) and after every sticker was put on or everytime she colored she would run around in a circle dancing.

She was extremely serious when it came to putting her stickers on and it gave her lots of practice with her fine motor skills.

Doing the Happy Dance.

She loved her picture so much she had to have it during her nap.

I guess I’ll have to attempt some of the messier (meaning paint) activities on this blog since the mini mural was so successful.