We just got back from another amazing trip to Bellingham. The reason for the trip was for a sad one, my Grandpa passed away 2 days after his 87th birthday. He was one of the most influential people in my life and while I miss him and will continue to miss him, I know his is happy and is reunited with so many loved ones.

Here’s my grandparents around when they got married, aren’t they adorable?

We got to celebrate Easter with my family while we were there, which I hadn’t done in over 10 years. Being together and talking about grandpa, made the true meaning of Easter so much more real than it had ever been before for me. So grateful for the Plan of Salvation.

Luckily the Easter Bunny was able to find us though. Macey loved the cool bubble wands the Easter Bunny brought her and Miles was happy eating as much candy as he possibly could.

The best part about the trip though was hanging out with all my cousins. Everyone was able to come into town except 1 (she’s currently serving a mission in Ecuador). Some I hadn’t seen for almost 5 years! It was so fun watching all of our kids play together and get caught up.

We did an egg hunt with Lorinda’s girls and they couldn’t of been cuter.

After the egg hunt we decorated a tree in my parent’s front yard with easter eggs my Grandpa had made for the tree in their yard. The kids had fun doing it and it was a nice reminder of my Grandpa.

All Macey and Miles wanted to do was go to the beach, so the entire crew headed out to Marine Park after the funeral. This is one of those places that makes living in the rain well worth it.

We threw rocks, climbed around, and searched for crabs. The kids could of stayed there all day.

We also lucked out with our timing, because the tulips were just starting to come up. While all the fields weren’t in bloom, it was still gorgeous and put the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point to shame.

Other random pictures, for those that are still reading:

We of course spent lots of time on the trail around my parent’s house.

Lots of cousin time and fun with Rio.

and Miles of course got sick, but luckily Nana was there to help him feel better.

I am now even more homesick than I was before, but am so happy we were able to make the trip out and be together as a family as we celebrated my grandpa’s life.