Macey wanted to make a birthday treat for her preschool class and I was more than happy to obliged her request.

She originally wanted to make chocolate dipped pretzels, but those are a bit complicated for my taste. So, luckily I was able to steer her in the direction of chocolate dipped marshmallows.

These were seriously the easiest thing I’d ever made. Actually Macey did most all the work herself.

Here’s what we did:

1. put sucker sticks in the marshmallows
2. dipped the tops in melted chocolate chips

3. then dipped in sprinkles
and lastly
4. laid them on cookie sheets to harden.

EASY and way cute. Plus, she was so proud of herself for decorating them all by herself. When I was telling her how awesome she was for making them, she replied “Mom, that’s cause I’m turning 4. 3 year olds can’t do this stuff.”

Macey of course had to try one after all her hard work, they passed the test.

Then when she was busying playing I wrapped them up. I thought about putting cute little tags on them, but that would of taken more work and I’m sure her fellow preschoolers won’t mind.

I will now be looking for another excuse to make these.