I don’t know if you have these days all the time, but I haven’t seemed to lately.

You know, the kind of days that you dreamed being a mom would be like. Where you enjoy your kids pretty much all day, you get time to yourself, you actually play with them, and you aren’t constantly mad or stressed out. Nothing special, just a nice happy calm day.

Because, honestly, this whole stay at home mom thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

My Good Mom Day entailed:
Waking up at 8:00 to happily chatting children, who were still in their own beds.
Getting to work out for over 30 min while said children played nicely in the basement.

Macey barricaded them in the tent, Miles couldn’t have been happier.

Over hearing Macey teaching Miles about blue whales and how when he gets bigger she’ll teach him how to make a sandcastle at the beach.
Art. I thought I’d do art all the time with my kids. It turns out this is a stressful activity for me and thus is only done when I’m in a really good mood.

Macey watching one show and then turning it off without a fit.
When Macey refused to walk because her legs stopped working, I simply flung her over my shoulders instead of getting mad.
Running errands today consisted of happy children with complimentary balloons and cookies.
I actually let my helpers “help”

While driving we blasted the music and sang and danced along.
We got to preschool early enough to see the baby pigs and sheep.

During naptime I watched a movie while addressing bridal shower invitations and making handouts for my lesson on Sunday.

When Paul got home from work we went for a family bike ride to the park, followed by a delicious spring dinner of bbq’d hotdogs.

Then, when I was about to loose my cool, Paul took Macey and Miles to the gas station to get drinks.

and lastly,

Upon returning home from the youth activity at church both M & M are sound asleep.

And, an added bonus, I actually put on cute clothes and did my hair. My normal attire is a pony tail and my comfy mom jeans.

To me, that is a good mom day. This is exactly what I thought staying at home with my kids would be like- fun, relaxing, productive, and only a small amount of cleaning involved.

I obviously don’t have these days all the time. But, hopefully I’ll have another one sometime in the near future, you know to remind me why I’m doing this.

Mother’s Day 2010