Macey has been excited to turn 4 ever since Miles’ birthday back in November.

In true Macey form, she had very specific requests for her birthday this year. But, luckily for me, her demands turned out to be pretty easy to meet.

Here is what we’ve been able to check off the list so far:

1. Streamers hung from bedroom door

2. A Doughnut for breakfast

3. Pirate Island with her “little” friends

and of course

4. Presents

Still on her list are:
Rapunzel Party with her “big” friends
Play Pin the Tiara on Rapunzel
Rapunzel Cupcakes

We’ll be checking the rest off the list tomorrow.

And here are some of Macey’s current favorite things (according to her):

Color: pink, yellow, white, and red
Food: mac and cheese
To Do: play with my little ponies, princesses, and littlest pet shops.
TV Show: diego
Movie: How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, and Tangled

4 Words to Describe Macey: tenacious, adventurous, imaginative, and spunky.

We are really enjoying Macey at this age and are constantly laughing at pretty much everything she says and does.