We weren’t planning on doing the Alpine Slide or Alpine Coaster at The Park City Mountain Resort, as we didn’t want to leave Crew out. But, once we showed Macey the Alpine Coaster online, she convinced us we had to go.

Paul took Miles on the Alpine Slide, since there was no way I was riding that ski lift up with him. Pretty sure I would of had a heart attack before we got to the top.

The first thing Miles said when he climbed off, was “Again!”

I then took Macey on the Alpine Coaster, since it pulls you up the mountain, vs. having to ride that ski lift.

Macey made me push the handles all the way down the whole time so we went as fast as possible! She loved it.

Macey of course ended the afternoon with dipping dots, which she happily shared with all of us.

So glad Paul suggested a trip, it made me feel like I wasn’t letting summer slip us by! Best trip, with the coolest people I know.