Since I’m sure that all of you have been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what my life as a mom is like, it’s your lucky day. Here’s a tag about my life as a mom of a crazy one year old.

What time does Macey wake up? Usually between 8:30-9:00, depending on what time she went to bed. But, as of this week it’s been more like 8:00 since she’s sick, I’m hoping it’s just a phase.

How long have I been a mom? A little more than 15 months.

Favorite kid show? hmm, Macey’s attention span is about 30 seconds, so she doesn’t watch too many shows. But one morning she was up early (8:00) and we watched The Wiggles. She loved it and I loved watching her laugh and dance.

Favorite Chore? Seriously, who has a favorite chore? I would say my least hated chore is swiffering, but only because I love how clean my floors look when I’m done.

Favorite meal to cook? Once again I don’t have a favorite because I don’t like cooking, but I would have to say spaghetti sauce in the crockpot.

Favorite thing Paul does with Macey? Anything and everything! I love it when he comes home from work and she starts running away laughing because she wants him to chase her.

5 Things That Make Me Smile About Being a Mom:
1. When Macey teases me
2. Watching Macey’s sweet dance moves
3. Naptime! :)
4. Watching Macey slide down the stairs at rocket speed
5. Seeing Macey get excited about the ants on the sidewalk

Where Do I Want to Take my Kids Someday?
Pretty much everywhere. I want them to see that there’s so much more to the world than just where we live (especially since we live in the bubble that is Utah). But for the moment I can’t wait to take Macey to North Carolina in a few weeks to meet her future bff!

One thing you said you’d never do as a mom?
Putting little girls hair in a fountain on top of her head (I have a previous post w/ my views on this topic) and that I won’t drive a minivan. So far so good.

Favorite quality my mom has?
hmmm, how I can pick just one. She is amazing at most everything, which is obvious by the way all her kids turned out. : ) If I had to pick one quality though it would be that she knows how to have fun and enjoy life.

Advice for new moms…