So, I did it. I went to see Twilight last night on it’s opening nigh with four of my friends. Not something I usually do, but I most defiantly enjoyed myself. I had already prepared myself that I would probably dislike the movie because movies usually don’t come close in comparison to a book. But, I was pleasantly surprised, due partly in fact to my low expectations.

Now, believe me it was totally corny, but not any worse than movies like “The Notebook”. There were of course parts where I couldn’t hold my laughter in it was so cheesy, and the fact Kristen Stewart (Bella) bugged the crap out me. But overall it was a movie experience I won’t soon forgot. I’d never heard so much screaming and “ahhh”ing in a movie before. The girls even started yelling “I love Edward” when it started and I just couldn’t help myself by yelling “I love Jacob” (but don’t worry I really love Edward). It was a good thing it was dark, because if they knew where I was sitting I was sure popcorn would be thrown at me.

I am so glad I didn’t have to sit through the movie with Paul mocking it the whole time, because I would of probably disliked it then. Thank goodness for girlfriends! I think I now might have to re-read the books, again.

Here’s some bad quality pictures from my phone.
Shannon, Trina, Jenni, and Mandi waiting in line.

The line in front us and there was alot more people behind us.

Jenni and I trying to contain our excitement.