I have decided that I am so lucky to have orange as my favorite color because so many other people are a little scared of it or don’t really like the color much at all. This means that many things that come in orange often go on clearance, such as my most coveted orange couches. This week I was blessed to find 2 such items. First I got orange salt and pepper shakers for 50% off. Then, today at Gap, I found the find of a lifetime. It was an awesome bright orange coat for more than 80% off! I’m sure many people passed this exact coat by thinking, “who would want an orange coat?” or “orange doesn’t look good on me, I wish they still had it in blue”, or even “this would be perfect if I was a hunter”.

So, I want to thank those people who won’t buy orange clothes or orange things, because it makes shopping a lot easier for me.