When I looked out my window this morning and found inches of snow and saw that it was still falling, my stomach sank.

I used to love the snow, even in college when I had to trudge up to campus through it, I still loved it. Some of my greatest memories from growing up and from college (remember our sled Bessy?) have to do with the snow.

But, when I started teaching I slowly began to despise the snow. I hated driving to work in it and often my 15 minute drive would turn into an hour and I would be stressing the entire time. Snow also meant inside recess and crazy wet kids. Not fun!

So, when I saw the forecast for this week I could feel the stress begin to build inside of me. But, I am happy to report I am actually enjoying the snow today, and that’s with venturing out to do my errands too! Maybe it’s because I don’t have to drive to work at 7 in the morning, or maybe it’s because Paul put awesome winter tires on my car, or maybe it’s because of Macey.

Ever since Macey woke up this morning she’s been yelling “Snow, snow!”. We finally got to go play in it after lunch and in true Macey form she dove right in. Despite falling and getting very wet she couldn’t get enough of running through the snow and throwing it at me.

Even though I usually hate winter, I’m beginning to think that perhaps I actually might enjoy it this year (that is after I’ve made all my trips to the airport this week).

Here’s some pictures of Macey playing in the snow this afternoon: