When I go to Bellingham there are certain things I always like to do and this trip wasn’t any different.

The list goes as follows:
eat at the bagelry
walk on the trails that surround my parent’s house
visit the bay, to remind ourselves what the ocean looks like
devour halibut n’ chips at the shrimp shack
enjoy one of my dad’s famous chocolate milk shakes
eat salmon
and of course
spend most all of my time with the fam!

This trip I realized that Macey had never actually eaten a bagel at the Bagelry! I am happy to report she loved it and wishes we lived in Bellingham to enjoy their goodness all the time.

One of the many awesome things about Bellingham is that all of my grandparents live there and Miles was ecstatic to meet them!

One of Macey’s favorite things about visiting Bellingham is getting to play with Kaylin, she was sad though that Kaylin only got to stay for the weekend.

I think Miles liked his cousin Lauren alot too.

We were also lucky enough to get to hang out with my cousins and their kids. This day we went to the Jump Zone.

We of course went to Bellingham Bay and Macey LOVED the touch tank there.

I LOVE Bellingham and can’t wait until we can go back again.