These crazies that I live with constantly send me back and forth between wanting to pull all my hair out to laughing hystracially and from wanting to slam my head into the wall to thinking no cuter children have ever existed in the entire universe.  

It’s exhausting.  

But, here are some things that have made me smile as of late.  

One morning Miles came up to our room, where Ruby had just joined us in bed. He laid down next to her and very seriously told me, “Mom, she’s not the cutest baby in the world.  She is really cute, but baby T-Rex’s are cuter”.

Whenever Crew picks up an object, that is not a toy, his first question is “This for hit? Me hit with this?”  and then proceeds to hit things with it, whether it be a hanger, ruler, pencil, celery stalk, broom, ect..

Ruby LOVES rice cereal.  Cries if you are distracted and take too long between bites.  She also weighs 19 lbs 7 oz at 5 months old.  I put her in Macey’s old 6-12 month jeans and they were too small.  Looks like she’ll be wearing jeggings this winter.

Macey has started watching her first real show with us, Once Upon a Time.  She of course loves it, as Elsa and Anna are in it this season.  It’s weird that she is big enough to actually be watching a real show with us.