Things were getting claustrophobic around here, so Paul suggested we take a trip the following week. I started searching the internet, my criteria being less than a 5 hour drive, cooler temps then Orem, and no basic hotel rooms allowed. Park City fit my criteria perfectly and being only 45 min away made it that much better. This was our 2nd Navasard Only Vacation. first ever documented here.

We stayed at the Westgate, which was amazing.

It was an awesome week and since I’m sure you’re all dying to know exactly how we spent our week I will be documenting our trip over multiple blog posts, it was that awesome.

First I will cover the amazingness of our resort.

Our favorite parts of the resort were:

the playground.

the Multiple pools.

We played Marco Polo, had lots of races and floating competitions, and worked on our pool tricks.

Crew of course was the perfect baby and slept poolside every day while we played.

Macey’s favorite part was diving for her dive sticks and Miles’ was conquering swimming with his arm floaties on.

the Arcade.

We got to introduce Macey and Miles to some of our favorite games: galaga, Mrs. Pacman, Crusin USA, and Air Hockey. Crew of course slept in his stroller here too.


Our Room.

Macey and Miles loved having their own bathroom, I don’t think their teeth or faces have ever been so clean. We tried to have them sleep in separate rooms, but they of course ended up together on one king size bed.

I loved the lazy mornings with no schedule and the fact that Paul made us pancakes every morning, was like heaven.

The view from our balcony:

And to prove that Crew was awake sometimes:

Can I just say I forgot how awesome newborns are while you’re out and about?! He really was amazing, love this baby.

More to come on activities at The Canyons and around Park City.