I don’t know how to put into words how much I (we) loved our townhouse.  The amount of love of I have for this house is probably a little obsessive.  But, my children’s entire world was pretty much this tiny house and the green space outside our front door.  They got to have an extremely magical childhood here and we created memories that will always be some of my favorites.  

This house changed a lot over the 11 years we owned it.  With the addition of each kid, we did a little rearranging so we could fit a little better and a little longer.  

This is where I raised all my babies, macey was 4 months old when we moved in.  

Pretty much all 4 of my kids had their month pictures taken out front and many by this tree.  

Macey meeting Miles for the first time. 

Thanksgiving, Miles is 7 days old.  

Holding Baby Crew for the first time. 

Ruby’s first day home from the hospital. 

This is where Paul and I grew up too and where I learned to be a mom from watching the amazing women around me.  

And I can’t even count the 10s of thousands of laps my kids took on their bikes and scooters out front.  

Our neighbhors here became our family.  We celebrated Christmases together, 4th of julys, birthdays, Easters, Halloweens, graduations, and everything in between.  

4th of July’s: 


Thanksgiving and Christmases:



Baby Blessings:

The background of my kid’s whole lives is pretty much here at The Pink Palace.  

I have thousands and thousands of pictures of these kids together.  

And a thousand alone of just Macey and Tajen.  

Due to our shared/communal outdoor living, the neighbor kids became more like cousins and the other women became more than just friends and neighbors. And Ron and Barbara became surrogate grandparents.  

When I was having a bad day, I could just walk out my front door and I would instantly be lifted up.  If I needed a Dr. Pepper or salt or butter or milk or even mayo, it was right out my front door.  

We worked out together, ate lunch together, shared dinner with each other when our husbands worked late, loved each others kids, watched each other’s kids, and laughed and cried a lot.