Be prepared for about a million pictures, I will not be offended if you turn back now.  

I am still in shock of how well loved this baby is.  If you know our family, then you know of my kids distain for babies.  That is until now.   And the kid that pays her the least attention…Macey.  Who would of thought? 

Crew cannot walk by her without stopping to admire, kiss, laugh in pure delight, or just yell “Baby Ruby” at her.  If she is on the floor someone is in her face.  Due to this, she spends very little time just laying on the floor. :)

Ruby spends most of her time looking cute and sleeping.  

She’s a sucker for a good swaddle and is a huge fan of her pacifier.

I have been trying my best to take it easy this time around and just lounge with, what could be, my last baby.

We’ve been reading lots of books and watching Survivor.

Life goes on though and we’ve of course made multiple trips to Target and even a trip to the dentist with Macey.

She even got to go on her first hike, which was also Crew’s first hike as a newborn.  

Ruby also got to be my date for an evening out with my parents, as Paul had to work late.  She was the perfect date and slept through dinner, shopping at H&M, and dessert at Waffle Love.  Plus, she didn’t mind that I was wearing my sweats.  

My parents were life savers this week.  There were many moments where I don’t know what I would of done if they weren’t here to hold Ruby, calm down Miles and Crew, drive kids places, do poop laundry, clean up after everyone, ect…

My mom and I finally gave Ruby her long awaited first bath.  We took much longer than normal to get around to it. I blame the other 3 crazies for sucking all the energy out of us. :)

Paul and Pop-Pop took the big kids to the Children’s Museum, so we took advantage of our quiet morning with just Ruby.  I also just want to note that she barely made a peep during her bath…which is pretty much the opposite of what the other 3 did.  

She also got to watch her first outdoor movie.  I don’t think she was too impressed though, as she slept through the entire thing. 

I am slightly worried about how I am going to survive the next few months with a newborn, a busy loud toddler, and a Miles…but there’s no turning back now.