October is always one of my favorite months and this year has yet to disappoint.

Our bff’s came for a visit.

Macey and I have been doing lots of crafts. My desire to do projects is proof that I am beginning to feel more like myself and less like a crazy person 24/7.

Featured Projects: butterfly wand, buzz lightyear costume, and Littlest Petshop Mats.

I also decided that our neighborhood needed to do a Halloween Carnival. So, I sent out an email and made a flyer asking that everyone bring a treat and do a booth. Easiest party to plan ever.

Lots of Spooky Treats.

I of course had to include a guessing jar, what’s a carnival without one? And the adorable winner.

Everyone’s booths were so fun and creative.

There was face painting.

Airbrush Tattoos.


A Haunted House.

and lots of fun games.

Love these moms.

We also had our 6th annual Fright Fest, one of my favorite October happenings.

To spice things up we played a new game called, “Catch Cheetos in Shaving Cream”. I thought it was a hit.

Our Masterpieces, of course.

In other news, Crew has graduated to using the Exersaucer. It’s a hit all around.

And Miles is still making everything into a gun. Raff, green beans, cups, wands…you name it, it’s a gun.

Less than a week to Halloween!