Love school pictures.  There’s just something about that background and the classic head shot that makes me happy.  

Macey is still loving first grade.  Her favorite subject is math and her favorite thing about school is still recess.  I’m so happy she is loving it and that she has so many sweet friends to spend the day with.  

Miles’ preschool class got lucky and had the talented Holly, of hrob photography, come do their class pictures.  Miles was pretty excited for Holly to come to his preschool class and as a result we actually got pictures of him smiling and looking at the camera.

He still gets mad when he finds out it’s a preschool morning, but he always excitedly runs from the car to his school when I drop him off.  When I ask what he did he still responds, “nothing.  me just look at the wall.” But, he says it with a sneaky grin, so I know he’s teasing me. 

He can’t even make it to the car before he shows me all the stuff in his backpack and he loves hanging his school work on the fridge the moment we walk in.  There is an obvious theme that stretches across all his work too…T-Rex. 

I’m so glad he’s loving preschool and that his teachers have a lot of love and patience for this boy.  

In Crew news, this kid is into everything and has discovered how useful stools can be in order to get things just out of reach.

An example…Tonight Macey made chocolate covered marshmallows for our neighborhood Halloween Carnival.  We covered them in saran wrap and pushed them to the back of the counter, thinking they were safe.  

A little later I see Crew walking around with one of our marshmallows.  Sure enough he had pulled the stool over, pulled the marshmallows to the edge, and sneakily took one and only one marshmallow.  If I hadn’t caught him with the evidence I wouldn’t even of noticed he’d taken one.  

These kids sure do keep me on my toes and make sure I have very little time for things like napping.