This years Thanksgiving proved to be a bit different than years past, as Christopher and all his friends have mostly graduated from college and moved on with their lives. This has resulted in leaving us alone on most holidays. Luckily, our friends let us invite ourselves over to enjoy an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with them, so we wouldn’t be too sad.

Macey was in heaven getting to play with Jon, who she claims she will someday marry. He even got up early to make her a hat! And since he didn’t know what size her head was, he made a variety of sizes that she could try on. I’m thinking she’d be lucky to marry him.

Macey and Jon working hard to break the wishbone

We of course had to carry on our tradition of Turkey Bingo. Luckily we were able to find a few Turkey Bingo Regulars who were still going to be around to join us.

Macey was so excited we let her play this year and she proved to be a decent competitor. She had fun eating candy, spraying people with silly string, and running around with her ribbon. Miles sadly was a bit too whiney to participate and was promptly put to bed when the festivities began, maybe next year.

I even enjoyed Turkey Bingo much more this year than last, as I actually won a few games! Last year’s showing was slightly embarrassing.

While we missed Christopher, Shaunna, Jenni, Matthew, and Tessa, we were happy they got to spend it with their families and tried not to be too jealous. :) While we missed our families, we are so grateful that we have such awesome friends here that we’ve been able to make our own traditions with! Life really is good.