We were not planning on going to Washington this summer, but I realized it was my dad’s 60th birthday and then my childhood bff called to say she was getting married that same week.  So, we did what anyone would do, we planned a 10 day vacation extravaganza.  

It was a bit of a crazy drive, between Miles and Ruby, but we survived.  

First stop was Brianne’s house for the beginning of Pop-Pop’s birthday festivities.  

The next morning we all headed to Northwest Trek.   

The kids had a blast on the amazing playground. 

 seeing all the animals,

riding the tram,

and running around together.  

And how cute are these “best cousins” in their matching orange jackets. 

So fun to have everyone together.  

Next stop was a ferry ride to Whidby Island to explore Fort Casey.  

We used to come here with our grandparents when we were little, so it was very cool to be able to take my kids with their cousins and grandparents.  

We found a cute seal to entertain us while we waited for the ferry. Yes, Washington is kind of the best.  

It was seriously a less than 10 min ride, so we were the lame parents who didn’t let their kids out of the car.  but, we did let them have their ipads to make up for it. :)  

don’t worry, we assured them that we had more ferry rides later in the week and we would let them get out then.   

We ate lunch and ran around before heading off to explore Fort Casey.  

Giant guns, dark tunnels to explore and plenty of room to run and climb made for some very happy kids (and adults).   

It was a bit of a process getting all the kids organized and keeping them from running off down dark hallways or climbing up tall staircases without railings.  

But, we managed fairly well and the headlamps made it much easier to keep track of everyone in the dark.    

We lucked out with the weather too, it was perfection.  

We ended the afternoon with checking out the lighthouse.  

and entertaining ourselves by jumping off the picnic table while waiting for everyone to climb to the top of the lighthouse, since only 5 people could fit at a time. :)  

Then it was off to Bellingham to complete the birthday festivities for the best Pop-Pop around.  

Ruby was constantly eating chips to keep her energy up for socializing at the party. 

We of course had to do a picture of everyone in Ski-to-Sea shirts

Love this family of mine.