Macey’s going to be a…

(Big Sister) and she is quite excited about it.

Due Date: November 26th
How Far Along: 12 weeks
Am I sick? Yes, but nearly as bad as I was with Macey. The good news about being sick is I can fit into my “skinny” clothes again, the bad news is that I don’t ever feel like getting dressed. I just got on Zofran and so far I am loving it. While I still feel the same amount of nausea, the constant need to hurl has subsided.
What do I eat? Cereal, fruit, veggies, and whatever else Paul makes me. I’m sure I’ve been annoying Paul alot lately, but he’s been great. He cooks, deals with Macey, brings me water while I’m kneeling at the toilet, and fetches me whatever I need while I just lay on the couch. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I’d eat anything.

(Sorry to those of you I should of told in person, but there was just never the right time to say anything or there were other people around. I hope you’re not too offended). :)