My favorite season usually is a three way tie between spring, summer, and fall. But this year, Summer is the clear winner.

This past winter and spring were not so good, and summer was exactly what I needed to help get out the hole I was in. I soaked up some much needed Vitamin D, our schedule dissapeared when Macey finished Preschool, and I rediscovered my desire to take Macey and Miles out for little adventures.

Thanks to our Seven Peaks passes, the introduction to Manilla Creek Pond, and lots of swim lessons and visits to the spray park, this was my first Utah summer where I didn’t long for water!

It was so nice to have no schedule and be able to go to any of the above locations whenever we desired ( and the fact that we didn’t have to pay made it that much better).

Macey and I also just returned from a girls weekend with Jenni and Trina to see The Little Mermaid at Tuachan. We pretty much thought it was one of the more amazing things we’ve seen and Macey was on the edge of her seat the entire time. Thank goodness for awesome friends to share it with.

After this summer I’m feeling much more like myself, which I am extremly grateful for! Plus, I haven’t been this tan since my teenage days.

So, bring on the football, sweatshirts, cooler weather, and shorter days. Fall, I am ready for you.