First here’s some pictures where you can see my chubbiness progress.

And it finally happened. After being in what my Dr. called “the gray area” for a few months now, I am officially on bedrest. Luckily I am 30 weeks along, so I only have to do real bedrest for 4 weeks, then just take it easy until 36 weeks, and then let nature take its course after that. It should be an interesting month.

I only had to stay in the hospital for a little over 24 hours until they released me with many rules, which I promised to follow, so I wouldn’t be back too soon.

My ward (church congregation), neighbors, and friends have been awesome. I’ve already had meals brought to me, people are all lined up to take my kids in the mornings, and I’ve had some visitors to help pass the time. I don’t know what I’d do without their support.

Poor Paul though, I think this pregnancy has been as rough on him as it has been for me. Not that he’d ever complain. He even made Macey and Miles this awesome snack shelf today (after he grocery shopped and cleaned the kitchen), this should make my life about a million times easier tomorrow.

But, now here’s what I need from you:
Netflix recommendations
Things to do while laying on the couch
How to entertain my children when I actually have them
Ideas on how to stay sane

And my mom just called to inform me she’s coming out this weekend to help get things settled around here, even though I told her I was fine. Why is it that even though this is my 3rd kid, I’ve lived away from home for the last 10 years, and I am almost 30, all I really want is my mom? Good thing she didn’t listen to me, because knowing she’s coming has really erased most of my stress about how we will survive this next month. Mom’s really are the best.