I didn’t use to despise January, these negative feelings didn’t arrive until I began teaching 2nd grade. I had hoped the loathing of this particular month would leave when I left teaching. But, it seems the feelings have lingered slightly, good thing there are only 3 days left of my least favorite month.

We’ve obviously tried to enjoy January and we’ve even ventured outside on a few particularly sunny afternoons. But, most of our time has been spent inside attempting to bask in the winter sun through our front window.

Luckily, Miles and Macey do not share my feelings and they have been enjoying January just as much as ever.

Macey started her first dance class and is in heaven! The only problem is, she is often too excited to follow directions very well (see below pic for an example). Thankfully, she is having too much fun to notice she never gets 2 stickers like most of the other girls. :)

Miles also thinks he’s big stuff, now that he’s walking, and has begun to act less and less like a baby. He’s getting into mischief left and right and is trying to act like the big kid he thinks he is.

He is always wanting to sit in Macey’s chair and immediately requests a blanket to put over his legs. I obviously think it’s hilarious.

Paul and I got called to be over the Young Single Adults (18-30 yr olds) in our ward, which means we teach a Sunday School class and have random activities. We discovered that none of them had ever played the Power Pad! It’s terrible, I know. So, we of course had to have them over and introduce them to the wonder that is the Power Pad. I think they were impressed with the technology of the 80’s.

The highlight of the month for me though has been watching Macey and Miles really begin to play with each other. The current favorite, Littlest Petshop.

While January has proved to not be all bad, I am happy it is almost behind us and we are that much closer to spring! Plus, we have birthday’s coming up and I LOVE birthdays.