This is a question I am often asked and most times I respond with, “nothing”. This last week though I was actually quite busy completing a craft. I was inspired by my friend Michelle who made tags for her neighbor Christmas Gift two years ago. I decided that I should do that this year for my neighbors.

There were many reasons I decided to go this route, but here are my top three:

1. I hate baking and it’s very messy
2. I have time
3. I actually like my neighbors now

I’m pretty much finished (except for 1 that I need Michelle’s help with) and it’s not even Thanksgiving! I never would of thought I’d actually get all the tags done, let alone with time to spare. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t work and Macey took 3 hour naps all week.

Now next week I can focus on getting ready for Thanksgiving!!

Here’s a sample of my tags: