Ruby turned 2 months while we were in Washington.

She has turned into the absolute best baby I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot, because Crew was pretty awesome.  And seriously, those rolls! I just can’t get enough. She always has a fair share of admirers when we are out and about and the ladies at church just cannot resist pinching those cheeks…who can blame them.  

Here’s a 2 month comparison of my babies:

       11 lbs 7 oz    13 lbs 1 oz     13 lbs 14 oz     15 lbs 4 oz

She has started smiling and cooing and we obviously are obsessed. One of her favorite pastimes is lay on her back and talk with whoever is looking at her. 

Since her life has always been loud and chaotic, she can fall asleep and stay asleep through almost anything.  This includes getting thrown up on (drive to WA), having toddlers fall on her, children running & slamming doors, and of course screaming and yelling.  

Ruby started sleeping through the night at about 5 weeks and I am hoping it lasts for awhile.  The girl likes to fill up around 9:00 and then sleeps until 8:00 or so.  I was curious to see how much she was actually eating, so we did bottles one night.  She drank over 8 ounces! No wonder she can go all night.  

She has discovered the art of sucking on her fingers.  It works well for me, since I am too lazy to deal with a pacifier.  We will see if I am eating my words in a few years though.  

On her 2 month birthday we got to bless her at my aunt and uncle’s house in Bellingham.  I loved doing it there with just our family, versus in my parent’s ward where I hardly know anyone anymore.  

And she got to wear the dress Brianne and I wore, and now all of our girls. We were slightly worried her rolls would be too much, but it fit like a dream. 

Another attempted family picture.  

She is obviously the good child of the moment.

I’m having a tough time bouncing back this time, definitely underestimated the difficultly level from 3 to 4 for me.   This girl has at least made her part easy (other than the post meal gigantic spit ups) and I just can’t get enough of her.

And I just had to include this picture!  Seriously, those cheeks and rolls.