I have gotten very tired of lying of the couch feeling sick, so when Paul suggested that I could instead lounge in a camp chair feeling sick, I thought it would be a nice change. We decided to go up Hobble Creek Canyon to Jolley’s Ranch. Our friends recommended it and we were glad we listened.

Macey of course loved it, she is a girl who doesn’t mind getting dirty. She loved looking for firewood, she would yell, “stick, are you?”, which must of helped because she always found the biggest ones. She also enjoyed lounging by the campfire and most of all eating her very first s’more.

Paul getting the briquets ready to make our “hobo bags” (sausage, green peppers, potatoes, and onions) for dinner, they were delicious by the way.

Macey and Trina gathering sticks.

all decked out in our camping attire

Macey enjoying her very first s’more.

We cut her off after 2, so she had to settle for licking the marshmallow off her face instead.

It defiantly feels like summer now and we can’t wait to o back! So, if you’re looking for someone to go camping with, we’re always ready and willing. :)