Charlotte’s Web: Sad, but so good! It also means I can never kill a spider again. I loved Charaloette’s vocabulary and how she would always explain what the words meant to Wilbur, so I never had to worry about it.
Favorite part: When Wilbur met Charolette and she sang him the song.

Flat Stanley: Macey loved the sillyness of this one. Getting sent in the mail, being a kite, and pretending to be art to caputre the robbers. All things she dreams about now.
favorite part: when they blew him up with the bike pump

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle: This was fun for both of us cause the problems the kids have in the book are all things we are currently dealing with: The Never want to go to Bedders, the selfiness cure, never want to take baths. Now, it’s given us something to joke about or refer to when these problems araise in our daily lives.
Favorite part: Selfishness cure

My Father’s Dragon: Other kids would like how Elmer tricks all the animals. Macey’s favorite part was when Elmer got the dragon and all the animals were floating down thr river on the crocodiles backs.
Macey’s current favorite