A highlight of April is always getting the Washcloth bunnies that Nana Navasard makes.  She makes enough for all the kids to take to school, which is a huge amount.  They could not wait to hand them out before Easter.  

We finally got to enjoy some sunshine.  

And I got to do lots of reading in my  new chair.  

But, there was of course more snow.  

But, it did not stop #momhike.  We were wet though, like the wettest we’d been all year. Well worth it.  

A highlight of the month for me was getting to see Ben Folds perform with the Utah Symphony.  It was amazing, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.  It’a always hard to beat live music, good friends, and no kids.  

My parents came into town so they could see Macey’s performance of Alice in Wonderland where she was the White Lily. 

Once again, the Scera did an amazing job and Macey had a blast.  

We were quite busy while my parents were here with Macey’s rehearsals, Crew’s talent show, teaching art at the elementary school, an art show and an orchestra concert.  We still found lots of time to play though.

Enjoying Pop-Pop’s famous milkshakes.  

We taught Nana and Pop-Pop how to play sodapong. 

Lots of playing outside.  

We got to celebrate Ruby’s birthday.  

And the kids and Paul played hooky and we took a trip to the zoo. 

It was a perfect zoo day.  

Sun was shining, there was no whining and I was with my favorite people.  

We lucked out and got an invite to the old neighborhood’s egg hunt.

Always heaven to be back with some of our favorite people. 

Before my parents left, we did something truly crazy.  We each got a puppy!!!

We got the Tri-Colored- Fang. My parents got the Ruby Colored- Canyon.
They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  

It’s just been puppy insanity ever since.  

I’d been researching for a few months trying to figure out what breed would be best for us.  I wanted a semi low energy, easy to train, friendly, little to no barking, and under 20 lbs.  

Everyone really wanted a Pug, but I was worried about health issues and the farting and the snoring.  So, I started looking at Puggles, but there weren’t really any local breeders. 

The Cavalier kept coming up in my research and Paul’s boss actually had one, so we went to visit him before deciding.

Kids fell in love and I’ve semi regretted the decision ever since. :)

So, meet Fang, the newest member of our family. 

He is the friendliest dog in the world and loves everyone and thinks everyone should love and cuddle him.  

He fits right into our family and his trainer at puppy school said he is the craziest Cavalier she’s ever met.  Sounds about right for our house. 

When I am regretting my decision, the only thing that keeps me going is how much these kids love this dog.  

The rest of April then flew by in a blur of kids and puppy.

So, yes, we are those crazy dog people now.