I have a special place in my heart for cousins. I grew up with all my cousins and most of my best childhood memories involve them. I worshiped the older ones and loved playing with the little ones. I think cousins are the best.

The one thing I hate about living in Utah is Macey and Miles don’t get to hang out with their cousins as much as I got to.

So, one of the best parts about this trip to Texas was watching Macey and Miles play with their 4 cousins. Someone always wanted to hold, play, or feed Miles. And they were constantly trying to get and keep Macey’s attention. My kids were in Heaven.

I constantly heard, “oh, I just want to kiss those cheeks!”, “Macey is just so cute!”, “I want to play with him!”, or “Macey, come sit by me”. I don’t think they have ever had so much attention.

(Their other favorite thing about our trip would probably be the dogs.)

Here’s my favorite picture of the trip:

What lucky kids to have such great cousins. Cousins are the best!