You know those parties you see on blogs where the food is labeled, but you already know it’s an Oreo, so what was the point of wasting your time making the label? ?

Well, I’ve secretly always wanted to go to one of those parties or even better, throw one myself.

So, the moment Jenni got engaged, I knew this was my chance. Selfish? Yes.

But, I also wanted to do it because I love her and she is part of my Utah Family, ect. ect. So, it was only partially self motivated. Besides, when my other good friends got married I had no money and no time or desire to be crafty, so this was my chance to finally throw a good Bridal Shower.

This is where I got my inspiration.

Mine of course looked nothing like this. If only I could of had a cute backdrop, but my level of craftiness only goes so high.

First, here is the invitation Paul and I made. I LOVE how you can make them so easy in photoshop and then develop them as a picture, so much easier for me than dealing with paper and glue.

Jenni’s Ice Cream Sundae Bar:

Notice how the toppings are labeled. I didn’t want the party goers to be confused as to whether they were putting gummy bears on their sundae or rainbow sprinkles, as I’m sure this is a common problem.

My oh so very talented bff came up with the clever names. If only she could have been there to take some decent pictures for me.

a few of my favorites were: Honeymoon Baby Brownie Bites, You Make my Heart “Malt”, and Whip it, Whip it good.

And, I want to add that I emailed Emily my list of toppings and received her reply in less than five min. She obviously has a rare talent for this sort of thing.

Trina and I also made our very first Tissue Paper Pom-Poms for the occasion. They were so easy I think they will be a staple for all parties I throw from here on out.

My favorite part of the party though were the lingerie cookies. Since baking completely stresses me out, I had Jenni’s talented friend Katie make these. All I did was supply her with the bikini cookie cutter.

I also I think I will be hiring her to make cookies for all future parties.

I love throwing parties, even if they never turn out like the ones I droll over on the blogs. I just don’t have that kind of talent, time, or money. But, I’m happy I can now cross throw a party with labeled food off my bucket list. I know, I dream big.