Our frist real Spring Break can be counted as a success.

We started the week by taking a little road trip to Logan to visit my Freshman Roommate Angie. It was just me and these crazies.

Angie and I were outnumbered 6 to 2, but luckily the kids were all pretty awesome.  

Although Miles of course had his moments: he threw a chair at Hazel, he tried to pick a fight with 3 big kids at the park when they knocked him over, and there were a few incidences involving the play house.  But, for Miles, it was nothing out of the ordinary. :)

Macey and Hazel had a blast together.  They loved the playhouse in their backyard and there was also a perfect tree for climbing, where Hazel showed Macey the proper way to climb a tree. 

We of course had to stop by the Logan Temple, which was gorgeous.  

And they also took us to this cute little zoo where we got to see Bobcats, Coyotees, birds, emus, and more.  Macey’s favorite was this peacock that was hanging out on top of one of the pens being extremely noisy.  I now know, never live anywhere near peacocks.

We are excited to have these friends closer and are looking forward to another trip once school is out!

The week got even better when Paul decided to take a day off of work to get things done around the house and play with us.  

We went to the Children’s Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, but now I know they will be bored when we go next time because I am not nearly as entertaining as he is.  

To finish the break off Macey and Miles were invited to a tea party at Maddy and Libby’s. Even Miles was excited, but he’s pretty much up for anything if it involves these cute girls.  

Crew and Liam even kind of played together for the first time, well if you count Crew grabbing Liam’s shirt and trying to eat him.  But, I have a feeling these 2 will be good friends one day.

Crew took advantage of my laziness over the break though and could often be found under the table eating the crumbs left over from the previous meal.  

We also spent time at the park with our school friends, lots of time riding bikes, playing with the neighbors, and I was just happy we had no schedule to keep!  I believe those are all ingredients for a successful spring break.

This week off is making me super excited for summer, although there were a few incidences this weekend that made me happy it’s not quite summer yet. :)