I’ve been in denial. It’s still summer. It cannot be fall yet. I’m not ready to give up the pool, long days, sitting in the shade of our tree, camping, outdoor movies, and so much more.

But, after our adventure up Payson Canyon this afternoon, I’m finally ready to admit that fall is coming and I’m going to be happy about all it has to offer.

We followed a wonderful map, drawn by our favorite babysitter, that took us to The Grotto. It was one of those places that reminded me how Utah can be beautiful, especially in the fall.

Showing off their huge muscles

Macey and Miles LOVED it.

There were bridges to walk across,

rocks and leaves to collect,

bugs to watch,

caves to hide in,

Rocks to climb and rest on,

and of course water to play in.

So, bring on football, fright fest, Halloween, shorter days, leaf collecting, and even sweatshirts. Fall, I’m ready for you.