Miles usually wakes Macey up with his screaming around 8:00 and then they talk, scream, and giggle at each other while I sneak a shower in. But, Macey has been playing a bit harder than usual these past few weeks and then with Preschool being added to the mix, that girl is tired. So, much to Miles’ disappointment, he has been unable to wake her with his ear piercing screams.

Instead I’ve gotten to enjoy an hour long breakfast date with this handsome little boy.

We empty cupboards and crawl around to work up our appetites before we enjoy our gourmet breakfast of juice and dry cereal.

This morning he was working very hard to impress me by demonstrating his new skill of clapping. I was ready to call everyone I knew and share the good news, but I settled on performing a variety of acts in order to keep my date clapping and giggling.

I can’t wait until our next date, maybe I’ll make something fancy to impress him, like oatmeal w/ bananas!

I know, I’m a lucky girl.