The only reason we like winter around this house is because of snow. Unfortunately this winter has brought us lots of cold weather, but very little snow to play in.

As such, It seems like the last 2 weeks have lasted a lifetime. This is partially due to our attempt at potty training (least favorite thing I’ve done thus far as a parent) and then made worse by the continuation of weather too cold and dry to play in.

Today though, we saw a little light at the end of our tunnel that is winter and potty training.

Everyone woke up happy this morning and even stayed happy well past naptime!

The best part of my day came while Macey and I were playing Hide and Go Seek. While I was counting, Miles started crying in the living room. Macey then immediately shouts, “Our Miles needs us!” and proceeds to run to the living room. The moment Macey stood next to Miles he stopped crying and she then responded, with a huge grin on her face, “See, he needed his Macey.”

I am glad, that for now, they really do love each other, even if it’s not in the form of hugs and kisses Yes, Miles has yet to receive this kind of affection from Macey. :)

As you can tell, Macey still tries to keep a constant 12 inch radius between herself and Miles.

Macey also took the time to teach Miles how to properly play with one of his rattles today, aka his weight. She patiently showed Miles how to lift it over his head and informed him that, “this is how you get big muscles like me!” I can’t wait to see what other kinds of things this crazy girl is going to teach him.

Even though the light only lasted about 8 hours (Oh, did I mention, thanks to my brother, I also got to enjoy a child free lunch today with a good friend?), I’m going to hold onto it and hopefully it will get me through to another sunny day, preferably one where I don’t have to talk and cheer about potty and poop all day.

But really, it is hard to get too down when I get to play with these 2 all day.