May has passed us in a blur of newborness, end of school activities, sunshine, and just plain craziness.

I feel like my life is full of extreme highs and extreme lows these days.  Luckily, I feel about a million times better than I did 3 1/2 weeks ago, so it is weirdly a welcome change.  

Here’s What We’ve Been Up To:

My kids have developed some bad habits due to me being sick for 9 months, so I knew something had to be done, that involved very little yelling.  I had run across a ticket reward system awhile ago and decided to try it out.  

First, I came up with what each kid needed to work on and what I was sick of reminding them to do (turned out to be a lot).  For completing each task without being asked or whining they get 1 ticket.

The ticket then goes in their cup.  

The kids and I sat down and talked about what they wanted to earn with their tickets.  Luckily, Pokemon cards have become HUGE in our neighborhood and that is what M&M had their sights set on first.

Miles earned 20 tickets in record time and can I tell you how much more pleasant our house has been?!

I got a little mean though and when they talk back, whine too much, are completely out of control in a public place (miles), or come upstairs when they are suppose to be sleeping…they owe us a ticket. It is amazing the difference it’s made, here’s hoping we can keep it up for the summer.
Gymnastics Showcase:

Love The Little Gym, especially for Miles.

Miles needs to move a lot in order for him to function and his Little Gym class was an answer to my prayers in the dead of winter.

He kind of got the best teacher ever too.  She was always positive and patient, and never showed her frustration when Miles was being less than cooperative.  

She was just what he needed.  And she earned lots of hugs and kisses from this kid for her effort. :)

Macey loved her Hip Hop/Gymnastics class too.  Macey gets frustrated very easily when it comes to things that are hard.  The positive curriculum of The Little Gym was perfect for her and I loved watching her try new things without crying or getting upset like she normally would.

**Warm Weather Finally Arrived:
I think the cold weather is finally behind us and we’ve been taking advantage of it before it gets too hot. :)

The pond is one of our most favorite places, sadly too many people know about it now though.  As a result I will no longer be giving anyone directions. :)

The kids play happily for hours in the sand and need very little assistance from me…the best kind of place. 

We’ve also been able to watch movies in our backyard and invited some of our favorite neighbors to join us.

Pokemon cards are the current trend in the neighborhood and my kids spend a large amount of time trading.  I love listening to their negotiating skills. 

We’ve of course spent some time at Farm Country, pretty sure I have at least 100 pictures just like this and my kids are still in love. 

Macey has figured out the best way to relax after a long day in first grade, 
reading a book in the sunshine while enjoying a popsicle. Can’t wait till I’ll have a free moment to join her in one of my favorite pastimes. 

In other Macey news, she saw Paul’s new magnet on the fridge (he always puts his favorite Domo billboard magnet there).  

and asked me:
“Mom, you don’t work at Domo, so why does this say you do?”  
Love first graders. :)

Mauling Ruby:

The boys, especially Crew, are still obsessed with Ruby or “Rudy” as Crew says.

We’ve had a few close calls where Ruby has almost been squished, but luckily she has survived these very non-gentle boys thus far.  

Soaking up the Newborness:
One of our favorite pastimes of late is laughing at the funny faces Ruby makes.

 Sometimes the boys get a little jealous though and try to get us to laugh at them instead.  This particular time, Crew dumped out the diapers and put the garbage can on his head and then they ran around like the crazy kids they are.

It was pretty entertaining. 

Unfortunately, Ruby slept through her first meeting with one of her future bff’s.  Lottie was obviously more excited about their first meeting, as she managed to be awake for a few moments.  

The moment Ruby cries, Miles makes sure she has her pink “Raff”.  I love it. 

This is how tummy time usually ends.

Ruby loves to be out and about in her carseat, so we’ve walked to Target about a million times.

And seriously, love me a chubby (sleeping) newborn.

**End of School Activities:
Macey had her first grade program last week, which was adorable.  She had one of just a few speaking parts and did a great job.  I especially enjoyed her animated dancing during the songs…pants unbuttoned and all. :)  

Dance Festival was this week and Macey once again rocked it.  This girl loves to perform.  

I have video of both, but I am too lazy to figure out how to get it on my blog as Paul is still at work and due to a particular fussy baby I only have one hand. I’m sure everyone is extremely disappointed.   

Just one more day of school and then preschool graduation Saturday, until summer officially arrives!!