It true holiday form, November turned out to be a big giant blur.

The kids are all moved into the basement and the office and craft room relocated to their old room upstairs.  With everything that’s been happening though, we’ve been quite slow at finding the proper organization solutions to fit everyone and everything.  Someday.

Paul did put up these shelves for me though in the office. I love them, even though they only hold 1/50th of the children’s books I own.  

Crew’s hair is as crazy as always.  He got his third haircut of his young life and it’s still out of control most days.



it’s hard to tell but I promise they cut off about 3 inches all over that cute little head.  

Paul grew a sweet stache.  

This kid started his first stomach flu epidemic at our house. 

Paul’s parents came to spend Thanksgiving with us.  The kids were in absolute heaven.  I lost count of how many games of Go Fish and Old Maid were played…they are very good grandparents. :)

Since we had babysitters, Thanksgiving night Paul and I decided to walk over to Target to see how crazy it was.  It was crazy, but Target never disappoints. 

This line wound through every grocery and toiletry aisle.  We picked up a few snacks along the way and don’t worry we remembered to pay for them when we checked out.  

My favorite part of the month was putting up the Christmas Tree and getting out all the ornaments.  

We have a tradition in my family where everyone is assigned an ornament that they collect.  It was so fun to see Macey get all excited as she pulled out each of her snowman ornaments and line them up in order of year.  This has become one of my favorite traditions.

Due to Crew’s obsession with balls, all the ball ornaments had to be quickly removed.  As he just couldn’t resist throwing them across the room.  He has since left the tree alone, apparently angels and snowman don’t hold the same temptation.  

While I am already getting slightly claustrophobic now that winter has arrived, here’s hoping a few trips to ikea for some new storage solutions will help to remedy that.  :)