Crew had his 15 month check up this week and while he didn’t grow a ton from 12 months to now, he is still giant and rocking the 90th percentile. 

Crew is still our happy social baby.  He loves to be outside with all the neighbor kids and moms.  He’s learning to push himself on his car and when he gets tired of that he can usually charm one of the older kids to push him around on it.  

Like the rest of the neighborhood kids, he too is in love with Miles’ scooter and tries to ride it anytime it is left unattended. 

He is starting to become extremely opionatied and will throw himself into a huge tantrum the moment he doesn’t get his way.  Whether it’s me not letting him play with my new iphone or a neighbor taking away a Dorito he found that was covered in ants.

He has developed a habit and constantly checking the counter and table for anything that is left too close to the edge.  We’ve had many messes due to this.  Plus, he likes to throw things away and has no trouble getting through the childlock on the garbage.  So far I’ve noticed i’m missing a few measuring cups, a stick of deodorant, and a remote.  Pretty sure I know where they ended up.  

He is jabbering all the time now in his cute little high pitch baby voice.  His current words are Ball, Jate (jake and the neverland pirates), that, bye, Roar, and baba (bottle/milk).  

He can be a good listener though and will sometimes throw things away for me, bring me things, and my favorite is when I ask for a hug and kiss, he runs right over.  He is also starting to get jealous though and if Macey and Miles are sitting with me, he has to be in on that too. 

He hair is absolutely crazy.  He got a hair cut last month.  They cut about 2 inches off the top and an 1 1/2 inches off the side.  You can’t even tell. :)

For the first time I have a kid who loves blankets.  For the most part we keep them in his crib, but he always pulls one out the moment he gets a chance.

We love our Baby Coo and his mischievous ways.