Today Paul blessed Crew at church. It was an amazingly perfect day and we were so happy for the family and friends that were able to make it. And of course missed those that couldn’t.

Here’s a picture of those that participated (minus 1) in the blessing:

We then had a little brunch at our house. Now, I haven’t had any parties for awhile, due to the craziness of the last 6 months, so I went a little more fancy on my table decorations than I normally would for such an occasion. But, it did make it much more fun.

Now, for those that are already wondering, I did NOT make those awesome mustache cookies. I of course hired my friend Katie to do that.

Holly, of hrob photography, was kind enough to take my camera and snap a few pictures for me. It was awesome not having to worry about my camera with everything else that was going on.

Weird to be an actual family of 5. Seeing this picture really made it a reality for some reason.

and Holly of course snapped a few pictures of the baby of the hour. Crew got to wear the outfit Paul wore when he was blessed, pretty cool.

Love this boy and am so glad he’s mine.