Since going to BYU and living away from home, I have tended to look down on my high school experience. I believe these feelings surfaced from having such a great time in college. I told people I would re-do college in a heart beat, but I would die before I would do high school over again.

Last week I found a photo album from high school in my basement. As I looked through the pictures and saw many of my long lost friends, I realized that perhaps high school wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Many of my friends from high school saw me through the awkward stages of life and yet still hung out with me. I can’t say that for my college friends, since I was already cool when I got there. =)

Some of my favorite memories from high school include going to the many dances. We always seemed to find some groovy clothes to wear as you can see in this picture from Morp.

When I was looking through my albums there were a million pictures like this; a group us getting dressed up to go to yet another dance.

My favorite class I took in high class was comparative religions. I had so many pictures from the big trip we took to look at different religion’s temples. This is Lindsay, me, and Leah getting ready to go into the Sikh temple (I think). Most of the reason I loved this class was because I had so many friends in there with me.

I can’t talk about high school without thinking of my friends from church. They are so much of the reason that I actually enjoyed those 4 years, even though I didn’t go to the same school as most of them. They were always up to go tee-peeing or to Tim Horton’s or to play mud football.

I have decided that maybe high school wasn’t so bad after all and in fact that it was actually fun. I defiantly owe my high school friends alot and I wish I’d stayed in better contact with most of them.

While I still probably wouldn’t do high school over, I am very grateful for the great experience I had there. So, thank you Adrienne, Susan, Meghan, April, Lindsay, Ryan, and everyone else for making high school such a blast.