1800 miles and about 30 hours (total) in the car were very much worth an another awesome Pearrygin vacation.

When we first got there Jaxon asked Paul,
“What is it that makes Pearrygin so great?”

Like Jaxon, I don’t quite know what it is, but there’s just something special about it.

Maybe it’s getting to be in water all day long:

Or enjoying our favorite ice cream at Sheri’s.

Or perhaps it’s the boat.

If you asked the 2 and under crowd, I’m sure they’d say it’s the “snack tent” and the fact that they could help themselves to a variety of snacks 24/7.

Perhaps this year it was the introduction of the GTX though. To say the kids loved it would be an understatement. Macey was pretty much obsessed and even after she fell out, she climbed right back in for some more.

The family GTX ride, notice that even Miles has his hands up.

Or maybe it’s just the people.

Whatever it is, Pearrygin really is that great.

Come on, I wouldn’t willingly trap myself in a car for 30 hours with 2 crazy kids, sleep in a tent w/ those same kids for a week, take showers with bugs, and have no cell service for something that was only kind of fun!