This kid has never been more excited about anything in his life than his birthday this year.  

He started counting down the moment it was October 1st. 

Once the day before his birthday hit, he could not contain his excitement.  He went door to door to tell everyone it was his birthday and to ask if they got him a present (we obviously had a little talk about this). :)  

He did not fall asleep until about 11:00 and kept trying to come upstairs to check out my progress on the birthday decorating. 

He is quite happy to be 6.  

He requested blueberry and chocolate zucchini muffins for breakfast.  blue cupcakes, and bean & bacon soup for dinner.  Requests granted.  

We had some friends over for a birthday lunch and a play date.  The kid was in heaven. And couldn’t stop running around and grinning.  

He also got to go to the BYU game with one of his bff’s Penelope.  

He is loving kindergarten and is surprising me with how hard he is working and how his reading is starting to click.   

Somedays are still a struggle to get him to go, but usually the moment he sees Mrs. Lee he forgets about his fits and starts running toward his room.

A happy moment for me was last week when he wasn’t wanting to go and was standing outside the car whining at me.  When the kids in his class noticed him not coming, they all started waving and yelling his name.  Made my mom heart happy, because there is no one I worry more about than Miles.  I am so thankful for awesome & accepting teachers and friends.  

Some of Miles’ favorite things are Kangaroo zoo, blueberries, BYU, playing outside with his friends, and dinosaurs. 

His best friends are Parker, Emily, Peter, Ricardo, Penelope, Lauren and Riley. 

Miles pushes me to my limits most days, and many times past them.  

But this kid is worth all the sweat and tears.  He’s feisty, loving, opinionated, stubborn, and I wouldn’t have him any other way.