February has been quite Fabulous thus far.

This can be attributed to following 3 things-

1. Macey’s Birthday: See Previous Posts
2. Valentines:
Macey worked hard signing her name on all her valentines for her preschool class. Due to her short attention span we spread the name signing out over a few days and completed all 13 just in time for the big party. She even made Teacher Lynda chocolate dipped strawberries.
I learned that dipped marshmallows are WAY easier to do with “help” than strawberries.

When I asked who her Valentine was, she responded “Robbie! But, don’t tell him, it’s a secret.” I think Robbie is pretty lucky, because I thought she looked quite adorable in her Valentine’s outfit.

Since I am suppose to be on this thing called a budget, I decided to make Paul’s valentine present. I saw online awhile ago that you can order a personalized Monopoly Game called “Lovopoly”. And decided I could totally make that. I had way too much fun coming up with all the properties and chance/community chest cards.

Here are a few examples:
Get Lucky/Chance Cards “Kelsey invited you to X-Ball at the park, advance to Kiwanis Park”, “You sprained your ankle slack lining, pay the doctor $25.”…
Properties favorite parks, roller coasters we’ve loved, our favorite stops on road trips…

I’ve never had so much fun playing a board game and I’m already excited for the next chance to play. Yes, I am a nerd. Luckily, Paul’s a nerd too and loved it.

and lastly,

3. The Weather:
Did I mention it’s been in the 50’s? I’ve been tempted to throw on my bathing suit, but settled for a t-shirt instead. But, don’t worry I laid in the grass trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible.

I even found Macey a princess bike on craigslist just in time to enjoy our heatwave, she was thrilled and has been cruising the sidewalk all day.

I am even kind of excited for the snow that is suppose to come later this week, as we’re ready to get in one more sledding trip before winter is over. Plus, Miles got this adorable hat for V-Day that he’s been dying to wear out.