Our baby is looking and acting less and less like a baby.  

And more and more like a typical crazy toddler.

Some things to know about Crew at 18 months:

He is obsessed with all idevices and has been known to get into my phone, even with the passcode on.

He is very social and loves to get out of the house and go places.  I often have people comment to me, as I am unloading the car, that it sounds like I have a dinosaur in there.  Nope. It’s just Crew, screaming out of excitement, ready to see what we are doing.  

His favorite things are balls, books, his blankets, and Miles’ dinosaur toys.  He also has developed a love for the Villain figurines in Macey’s princess box.  I often walk in on him growling and attacking while playing with Maleficent or Ursula.  

He also likes guns and swords. Yep, he’s pretty typical boy.  

He is better with silverware than the other 2 kids.

He has also developed a love for the Dinosaur Museum and freaks out the moment we pull into the parking lot.

Words: ball, bye, up, ap (apple), ba-ba (drink), mom, dad, h-sound (holly), raf (blanket), thank you, peez, eyes
  animal noises: T-Rex, anything else that growls, dog, duck

I am kind of obsessed with this noisy, happy, crazy boy.  Not to mention his curly hair and long eyelashes.  My new favorite thing he does…Run up, grab my legs, make a kissing noise, and then says “thank you” once he receives his kiss. Yep, he knows how to work the system.  Helps to make up for the millions of messes he creates for me during a typical day.